+962 6 5525654

Jordan, Amman

Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Moumani Street, 09
1st Floor

Al Rabiyah Souq

The project is located on a large area consisting of multiple small plots located in a central and congested commercial area in Amman. The owner had a vision to unify the plots and create one larger development that would serve as a green oasis and breathing spot for the area and release some of the urban tension that resulted from the commercial activities.

The project consists of a multi-story retail center with a semi-outdoor environment with suspended gardens and green piazza, creating a retail and entertainment experience within a sustainable and responsible structure. The architecture of the building deemed that the facades be clad with perforated panels, providing shading from the blazing heat and accommodating the retail functions insides, while allowing natural light to infiltrate and create a family-friendly total leisure experience.