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UA is Shifting

UA is Shifting

Since our establishment in 2009, we have served more than 100 customers and completed more than 150 projects, including design, construction management, and supervision. And as we proudly stand with a history of successes and achievements, we have not been able to overcome one dilemma, the illusive triangle of time-cost-quality. And we are not alone.

This problem seems to plague the architectural and engineering world for as far as anyone can remember. And the reason is that the construction industry is one of the largest and most complex in modern civilization, and the uncertainties and risks are impossible to fully predict.

But we have also realized that the future need not be so bleak, and technology is offering us many solutions to increase visibility, improve quality and maximize value.

And therefore we are pivoting.

In terms of design, we are moving from highly customized, experience-based design into the design for manufacturing and assembly DfMA, where buildings are designed, engineered, and produced to maximize value to the end-user with higher quality, better costs, and more certainty.

And in terms of processes, we are moving from a traditional linear design-bid-build approach where the final project is an accumulation of a waterfall of decisions and information – optimum or not, into an integrated project delivery IPD, where customers, architects, suppliers and contractors work hand in hand from day one to ensure the value chain is preserved and the project vision is achieved.

We work in a collaborative approach to architecture and construction, where all stakeholders work together to develop and deliver the project value and vision. We form partnerships, and we follow the value where it leads us. And we hope that our new approach will bring us closer to our customers.