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Jordan, Amman

Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Moumani Street, 09
1st Floor

Private Residential Complex- Riyadh

The private residential complex is a project that incorporates a collection of diverse villas equipped with different functions, requirements, and utilities. The proposal of this residential complex is designed to capture a series of precious moments in time. When boundaries between people and spaces, architecture and nature, light and shadow, sky and earth are blurred just like a moment of twilight.

This fusion of the earth and sky is especially magnified and overpowering in the natural desert setting in KSA in general and Riyadh in particular. This project stems from a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining that connection and the role of the built environment in enhancing and blending into that experience, making buildings active contributors in the formation of a physical and spiritual experience of connecting land and sky.
The architectural solutions are inspired by the traditional Najd House and the resulting formation that blends with the desert landscape and integrates with the natural skyline are the main shapers of the design proposal. This manifests in the materials, massing, and environmental solutions making the project a natural part of the context rather than an imposed artificial construct.