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Jordan, Amman

Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Moumani Street, 09
1st Floor

Rumman Residence

The owners of this residence possess an equal passion to the Jordanian landscape and Japanese art and ancient culture. Therefore the requirements were to house their unique collection of artifacts in a home environment that caters to their casual and comfort driven lifestyle, in an olive tree farm positioned over a steep cliff north of Jordan. The architecture of the house was constructed and fully finishes in fairface concrete, requiring the construction to include all internal fittings into the concrete casting process, which called for a highly advanced and accurate coordination process.

This was enabled using digital simulation and virtual visualization tools to anticipate the construction challenges and achieve the desired outcome without quality compromise. The large spans allowed for openings blending the inside with the interior design, and combining the art and landscape into one. To celebrate the views and locations even more, the project included a Japanese art lounge suspended 8 meters across the cliff with 180 views of the surrounding valleys and mountains.